About the Momentum Expo

When: Saturday, April 14, 2018

Event Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Where: Ed Roberts Campus (3075 Adeline St. Berkeley CA 94703, above Ashby BART Station).

Target Audience:  People with disabilities (and their families) who are looking to gain independence.


Welcome to Momentum Expo; The CIL’s very first Transportation and Mobility Expo being held at the iconic Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, CA.  Whether you are a vendor, service provider, teacher, caregiver or an Attendee who is curious about the transportation, mobility resources, and technology currently available for those in the community, we believe there is plenty to explore at this event.

As part of The CIL’s ongoing mission to “Be Your own Normal”, Community Connections (CoCo) is a program dedicated to bringing people and community transit resources together in a way that can make a practical and significant impact in people’s lives.  Momentum is Initiative.  Momentum is Power.  Momentum is Force.  Momentum Expo represents The CIL’s mission to “support and empower people who inspire to achieve beyond the boundaries of the expectations others have placed on them” and change the conversation about disability in our communities and beyond.

Simply put, people with disabilities and their families are not always ready for transition.  Momentum Expo seeks to encourage and empower people with disabilities and their families to get out, get moving and actively explore resources and opportunities in their community.  The CIL has identified key community resources, partners and products (technology) allowing people to create their own path to independence.

Thank you for joining us to provide people with information about resources available to them.

Contact us at: momentumexpo@thecil.org

For more info on Momentum Expo or The CIL, visit our main website at www.thecil.org

Sponsored by:

ACTC, MTC, Caltrans